At this time when the world of furniture is frenetically pursuing ever changing objectives and in constant evolution, when globalization is a double edged sword and where equality can mean both the same rights for all and an identical and inseparable mass, craftsmanship has an ever widening appeal and is becoming even more of a luxury.

That is why, with the term Tailor Made, Khaos aims to convey just what it takes to create a product that is made to measure, customized, unique and exclusive, in the belief that a piece should "last for life" and never go out of fashion, nourished by good taste to create spaces and projects free of technical and material limits that satisfy the demands of a clientele who want only the very best.

Quality, research in design, respect of the Made in Italy tradition and above all passion for their profession are the strong points of Khaos. Every single product is made with attention to the smallest details, checked stage by stage and respects the highest quality standards. Details that help to create a unique and personal style with a mix of craftsmanship, experimentation and quality.


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