In a world that has frantically lost the precious dimension of time, the snail knows and prefers the importance of being slow.
That slowness that allows us to appreciate people thoroughly and to admire the details of the things surrounding us, that is friend of thought and of the most accurate inventiveness.
Who can afford the time for a slow r eflection in a world where everybody is compelled to run?
Breathe before speaking.
And in that breathing moment is the acknowledgement of the importance of being slow that, at the same time, enables us to listen to the wishes of the others.

That’s the sense of Khaos.

MILAN april 2015

Milano Fair 2015 - Milano Rho



LONDON march 2015

Opened the new ShowRoom in London


ShowRoom KHAOS

Counter House 99

MELBOURNE august 2014

Melbourne Fair 2014 - Australia



MILAN april 2011

Milano Fair 2011 - Milano Rho



MILAN april 2010

Milano Fair 2010 - Milano Rho


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